Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1 Released

The Groovy-Eclipse team is proud to release Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1. This release is now available for install using the update sites here:

for Eclipse Indigo:

for Eclipse Helios:

In this release, we have continued to work on our DSLD support (and we
ship with some useful DSLD scripts). Additionally, we have a GA
release of the groovy-eclipse-compiler-plugin for Maven. Now that
Indigo has been released, the 3.7 stream of Groovy-Eclipse will become
the main development branch. For now, we will continue to support the
3.6 stream of Groovy-Eclipse and will put out at least one more

You can find all the details at our New & Noteworthy page.

Please send feedback here or raise an issue on our issuetracker.


  1. I'm finding integration with m2e in either Helios or Indigo to be a complete travesty. The maven build just doesn't work period. I've poured over all the documentation on both this plugin, and the eclipe plugin to manage the m2e connectors and nothing works. m2e just refuses to restructure and build the project.

    When I run mvn eclipse:eclipse it builds, but then eclipse refuses to recognize the compiled classes. It's become a maddening cycle, and I'd appreciate any help you can give, as you've hopefully been able to build applications.

  2. What version of m2e are you using?

    If it is pre-1.0, then you must use the older version of the Groovy-Eclipse configurator. If post 1.0, then you must use the newer version.

    Both versions are available from here:
    or here (for Helios):

    If you can be a bit more specific about the problem that you are having (and if you can send me a sample project that is failing for you even better), I can see if I can help you with this,