Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AJDT 2.1.3 Released

The AJDT team is proud to release AJDT 2.1.3. This release is the first one targeting Indigo (Eclipse 3.7) and it contains AspectJ 1.6.12.M1. The update sites are here:

For Indigo:

For Helios:

Please send any feedback to one of the mailing lists or raise an issue
on Bugzilla.

Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1 Released

The Groovy-Eclipse team is proud to release Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1. This release is now available for install using the update sites here:

for Eclipse Indigo:

for Eclipse Helios:

In this release, we have continued to work on our DSLD support (and we
ship with some useful DSLD scripts). Additionally, we have a GA
release of the groovy-eclipse-compiler-plugin for Maven. Now that
Indigo has been released, the 3.7 stream of Groovy-Eclipse will become
the main development branch. For now, we will continue to support the
3.6 stream of Groovy-Eclipse and will put out at least one more

You can find all the details at our New & Noteworthy page.

Please send feedback here or raise an issue on our issuetracker.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vancouver Eclipse Demo Camp 2011

In honor of the Indigo release of Eclipse, I will be hosting the annual Eclipse Demo camp in Vancouver on Monday, June 27. The demo camp is co-sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation, VMWare, and Tasktop.

We're expecting a full house as well as lots of exciting talks, including one on Groovy/Grails support in Eclipse and the SpringSource Tool Suite, a talk from Tasktop, and a talk about the Eclipse Modelling Framework from Ed Merks, the project lead.

If you are in the Vancouver area and interested in attending, please add your name to the wiki:

Alternatively, contact me directly (or on this blog) and I'll add you myself. Hope to see you there!