Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using Grails 2.0.0.M2, Cloud Foundry and the SpringSource Tool Suite

There are a lot of details in my VanDev talk tonight. Since most of what I showed you was from versions of our software not yet officially released, you are going to need to cobble together a few things to get everything working properly. Here are some instructions and links.

  1. First, here is a detailed guide on using Grails 2.0.0 from inside STS. It was written for M1, but it is essentially the same. Below, I'll summarize.
  2. Download STS 2.8.0.M1. To see 2.8.0.M1, you need to click on Other downloads.
  3. After downloading and unzipping/installing STS, you will need to install Groovy-Eclipse and Grails Tooling. Do not install Groovy-Eclipse or Grails from the dashboard since that only points to older releases. Instead, go to the Install manager (Help -> Install new software...), and add the nightly update sites for Groovy-Eclipse and Grails Tooling:
    • Nightly Grails Tooling update site:
    • Nightly Groovy-Eclipse update site. Make sure to also install the Groovy 1.8 compiler:
    Use these sites to install the software.
  4. Next, download Grails 2.0.0.M2.
  5. Once downloaded and unzipped, you can install the Grails distribution into STS.
If you want to play around with Cloud Foundry:
  1. First install the CloudFoundry tools from the STS dashboard.
  2. Then sign up for a CloudFoundry account.
  3. There's lots of information on the site as well as the community site. Here's more on using Cloud Foundry in STS
Here is some more information on DSL Descriptors in Groovy-Eclipse, and also a general description of our approach to integrating the Groovy and Java compilers inside of Groovy-Eclipse.


If you have any questions of problems with STS or Groovy-Eclipse, please visit the forum. However, Groovy-Eclipse questions may be answered more quickly on the mailing list. Bugs can be reported here: Groovy-Eclipse and STS.