Friday, March 18, 2011

Groovy-Eclipse and AJDT simultaneous releases

Today, we have just release Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.2 and AJDT 2.1.2. By coincidence, they both have the same version number.


We've made lots of improvements to Groovy-Eclipse including inline renaming support, mark/find occurrences as you type, and type inferencing improvements. You can find all the details at the New and Noteworthy page.

The update site for installation on Eclipse 3.6 is here:

We are also now releasing a Groovy-Eclipse for Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). The update site is here:

As always, please raise bug reports and enhancement requests at our Codehaus issue tracker.

We expect to release Groovy 1.8 support shortly.


Our enhancements for AJDT have mostly centered around supporting Intertype Inner Types. a new AspectJ language feature. You can read about it at the AJDT New and Noteworthy.

An AJDT release for Eclipse 3.7 is available at this update site:

Please raise bugs and feature requests at Eclipse's bugzilla.

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