Friday, March 19, 2010

Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.1 Released and see you at EclipseCon!

We are proud to release to announce the release of Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.1. This release is primarily a service refresh of 2.0, but there are a couple of interesting new features including debug stack frame filtering and Eclipse 3.5.2 support. You can read the New and Noteworthy.

The update site for the release is here:
This is also a good time to promote my talk at EclipseCon. I will be speaking about Groovy-Eclipse on Wednesday, March 24 at 2pm.

Getting Groovy with Eclipse: Next Generation Tool Support for Dynamic Languages. Come hear how Groovy-Eclipse has extended the JDT compiler to provide deep integration between Groovy and Java. Also hear about how Groovy-Eclipse provides editing support for Groovy's dynamicism through type inferencing.

See you at EclipseCon!

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