Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on Greclipse 2.0 (Groovy support in Eclipse)

Today, I decided to run EclEmma on the Groovy-Eclipse plugin test suite. Shockingly, I found that JUnit support, content assist, and code navigation are completely test-fress. So, I took a stab at creating a solid and flexible test infrastructure that makes it easy to write plugin tests, especially ones that exercise the Java model.

How did I do this? I did it by hooking into existing JDT functionality, just like I have been doing for the rest of my work on Greclipse. I downloaded the JDT core tests from CVS and used what I needed. Now, I can write extremely concise tests that exercise the code I want it to. For example, I wrote the following test case that tests code selection on a closure in a groovy script (i.e., this is the code that is executed when you perform Open Declaration in an editor):

public void testCodeSelectClosure() throws Exception {
IPath projectPath = createGenericProject();
IPath root = projectPath.append("src");
String contents =
"def x = {\n"+
"t -> print t\n"+
env.addGroovyClass(root, "Script", contents);
GroovyCompilationUnit unit = getGroovyCompilationUnit(root, "Script.groovy");
IJavaElement[] elts = unit.codeSelect(contents.lastIndexOf('x'), 1);
assertEquals("Should have found a selection", 1, elts.length);
assertEquals("Should have found local variable 'x'", "x", elts[0].getElementName());

I have written many tests for JUnit support (or is that GUnit?), and some for code selection. I still need to work on content assist. So, I can now be confident that as we make changes towards the 2.0 release, we are not sliding back in functionality. There is a lot of good work that has already been put into the plugin (including groovy-aware type inference for content assist) and we need to make sure that this does not regress as we go forward.

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  1. Nice going!

    GUnit? How about ClassUnit or is it CUUnit (Compilation Unit Unit ! ;), perhaps even Bytecode Unit.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your first unit test (prob 3.8-style) that is written in Groovy.

    It's funny seeing what's coming out of Spring Source recently... it's almost as though someone finally said "There should be an Eclipse-based direct competitor for IDEA"... and about time too